About Me:

My name is Jacob Caccamo and I created this site so I could share my experiences with OCD. Fortunately, on the whole, my OCD isn't as bad as many people have it. My sympathy goes out to the ones who struggle to resist the grip of more horrible OCD. Anyway, my OCD "career" began in fourth grade and since then, it has gotten more and more complicated. I am about 5 feet 7 and a rising sophomore at Tufts University. (Go Jumbos!) As someone who is shorter than the average person of my age, I've taken note of the irony that my new mascot is named "Jumbo." I absolutely love soccer and I enjoy surfing, playing hockey, and video games as well as hanging out with my friends.For me, OCD comes in waves. First it was spiders and then "cheating" and then to some deeper stuff that I'll share later. (Feel free to check out the "My Battle Against OCD" tab for more information.) Every tier had its challenges and I have often thought that I have fought my last battle. Yet, every time, my OCD has found a way to bother me. In the end, we, as OCD fighters everywhere, can always find a way to conquer it. The key, as it has come to be cliche, is to never give up.


My mom might be angry if I didn't have a picture of our dog Thurston on the site!